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Employment Opportunity
AnânauKatiget Tumingit
Regional Inuit Women’s Association (ATRIWA)
Project Coordinator
Nain or Hopedale, NL
Full-Time – Project based from 2012-2015

With  three year funding from the Status of Women Canada,  ATRIWA aims to develop community plans for engagement of Inuit women, the identification of the issues that are barriers to involvement and the opportunities /solutions that will facilitate greater engagement and subsequently greater economic security. This will be achieved initially by working closely with Inuit women in Nain and Hopedale and the development of community plans and a plan for implementations

Project Coordinator

The coordinator will be based in Nain or Hopedale and will report to the Executive Director of ATRIWA. The coordinator will be responsible for:

  • Encouraging the engagement of Inuit women and girls from communities in the project process.
  • Coordinate all contacts, travel and meetings of the project participants including the Executive Director and project consultant.
  • Oversee project staff and their activities.
  • On occasion, at the request of the Executive Director, represent ATIWAI at public meetings and presentations.
  • Work closely with the Executive Director and the Consultant in achieving the project goals.

Desired skills, abilities and qualifications

  • Understanding of various levels of government and their roles
  • Knowledge of issues of concern to Inuit women such as violence against women and children; housing and homelessness, justice system and child welfare issues, employment opportunities and barriers, language preservation, engagement in community decision making.
  • Ability to network and work well with people; an encourager
  • Computer skills, familiarity with  Microsoft WORD, email
  • A teachable spirit, willingness to learn and openness to looking at issues from the perspective of how they affect women differently than men.
  • Self directed and motivated
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Proposal writing
  • Beneficiary of the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement


  • Engage Inuit Women from Communities in project process and support them as they  increase their engagement
  • Identify opportunities for participation and assist ATRIWAI in preparation of presentations of Inuit women in consultations
  • Assist with project processes such as community based research, needs assessment, asset mapping, public consultation and gender based analysis.

Closing date: October 12, 2012
Applications should be forwarded by 12:00 p.m. on the closing day to:

AnânauKatiget Tumingit
Regional Inuit Women’s Association
95 LeMarchant Road, Suite 203
St. John’s, NL
A1C 2H1

Fax: 709-754-2364

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